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Rolex Daytona: the meteoric rise of his rating June 14, 2015 No Comment We are in 1963, Rolex replica watches paypal launched a sports watch, which owns the chronograph function, she called Daytona in connection with the world of motor racing. This model attracted a number of celebrities, including Paul Newman, actor and racing driver. It was he who, without knowing it, will contribute largely to global fame of this model become the holy grail of all collectors of replika saat vintage Rolex. Collectors have quickly identified this type of dial (2 or 3 colors, also called exotic dial) the name of the actor. This name has not been officially recognized by Rolex Replica watch (Rolex replique montre nine). But many are photos where Paul Newman wore his watch (provided by his wife) with a leather strap, the circuits during races. The prices of this model has far exceeded the expectation of collectors. In 1978, the new Rolex price was around 4,000 francs. This model now rated for a minimum of € 25,000 replique montre pas cher and 6239 reference even close to € 1 million (exceptional case) for the 6263 reference provided with a rare Paul Newman dial (Christie's sale, Daytona, Lesson 1 December 2013). replica rolex daytona replica rolex daytona replica rolex daytona replica rolex daytona Faced with this surge in prices, is it still worth investing in a vintage Rolex Daytona swiss replica watches? In the mid 90s, we would have answered you: of course not! The score was about 40,000 francs, or 10 times the price catalog 1978. Now this was only the beginning of a long climb. In 2002, during the transition to the euro, the swiss replica watches watch was trading at around 15,000 euros, more than double the odds of the 90s and in 2015, for the chance to wear a watch Daytona Vintage (6263 reference, Paul Newman dial out), it costs at a minimum 30,000 euros. It may be considered that such a Breitling Replica Watches piece, which has never known the crisis serves as a safe haven. However, it would be smarter to move towards the following model shows: the reference 16520 (from 1988) because it is found from 10,000 euros for a nice copy (for a new price at the time 16,000 francs). Stay tuned!